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"Daddy come back!"
. . . . . .  Asher Tilleman . . .  Jan 2, 2024 . . . on voice chat
I miss my daddy so much! We wd often go to the park together and play. We wd have many happy times together. My daddy loves me and I love my daddy, but now he is gone out of my life and I am so sad!
How cd I explain to my son Asher, who was 3 years and 8 months old at that time, that Daddy did not leave him but that he (Asher) was taken away from his father by the threats and extortion of his mother?  For more details about this please visit www.Hell.Africa


playing on a big rock
playing at the park
walking on a log
I love you so much Asher!

From Daddy to Asher

Wrong information has been circulating about me there and unfortunately you have never heard the truth, which you will only hear from me. It has been gossipped around that I left you and abandoned you. There is no truth in this. You were taken away from me and I was forbidden to be see you again, nor was I even told where you were staying. I did not, and wd not ever abandon you or leave you. I only came to Zambia because I was not able to see you any more and there was no other option because of the threats and extortion that was being used against me. Do not believe the lies that have been said about me that I left you and abandoned you.

You relatives in Zambia chose to support your being taken away from me, and not one relative had the courage to stand up for what is right, but they automatically believed everything that they were told, without questioning it. 

I miss being with you and playing together with you. You are such a big part of my life, my precious son. I love you so much Asher!



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