The Sacred Threesome
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Divine or sacred principles (referred to by the ancient Egyptians as "neters") are made available to us in the form of numbers. 3 is widely found in mythologies, cosmologies and religions of the world, and for good reason. This mysterious 3 contains many secrets. 3 is an intrinsic principle resulting in Man having been created from the "hidden one" (known in ancient Egypt as Amun, which means "the hidden one".) Even Amun himself was part of the threesome of Amun, Mut, and Khonsu, to each of whom individual temples were created: the temples of Amun and Khonsu at Karnak, and the temple of Mut at Luxor. We are all in this material manifestation for a reason. It is important that we discover this reason to aid us in fulfilling the purpose of our existence. Our spiritual growth and maturity is vital, and numbers hold the secrets of spiritual principles which can aid us in achieving this maturity. All numbers are spiritual principles, and this website focusses on The Sacred Threesome (as I call it) which is based on the number 3.
       In the material realm there are nine numbers that exist, which are quantitative and sequencial, but in the spiritual realm there are only 3 numbers that exist, but even this is arguable because my reference to "three numbers" is not in a sequencial or quantitative sense, but I only use the chronological "1-2-3" to help us to understand them, and how they function. In the spiritual world there is no time, no sequence or chronology, hence 1-2-3 do not exist as we tend to commonly understand them. In the spiritual realm we cd say also that there is only one number, which is 1, but that is has 3 asepcts. We can also say that there are 3 aspects to those three aspects of the 1 or that there are 3 aspects to each of the 3 numbers (totalling 9 aspects of 1 number).  My main point here is that there are 3 groups of 3, but to make a disctinction that this is not to be confused with the concept of 9 sequencial, chronoligical, or quantitative numbers.
       So in the spiritual realm there are only 3 numbers, but if we look at the remaining six numbers (4-5-6-7-8-9) they are only found in the material realm. 6 is the number of Man (Greek: anthropos) as is 666. There is nothing bad about 6 or 666.  It is the addition of these six numbers, or Amun (the hidden part of God) manifesting as Man (the evident part of God) that we have nine numbers. To read more about the deeper aspects of 3, visit my web page about The Messiah Chord

Here are a few interesting facts about 3 
An octopus has 3 hearts (and 9 brains).  Hhhmmm... 9 brains? This obviously cannot be referring to the female octopusses. Ha ha ha

In music there are only 3 chords: major, minor, and diminished 7th.

There are 3 forms of the 7th interval: major, minor and diminished

There are 33 vertebrates in our spine and 22 bones in our heads. The 33d day of the year is also 22 (Feb 2d).
There are 3 polar constellations and 3 polar stars. I bet you thot that the north star was the only polar star -- it's not . .  . there are 3 north stars, each belonging to one of the polar constellations. These stars alternate every few thousand years as the functioning north star of that era.

The 3 Giza pyramids were built in exactly the same pattern as the 3 stars of Orion's Belt (in the constellation of Orion). These 3 stars are also called the three kings and it was in fact three kings who built the Giza pyramids. In the Christian nativity story, there were three kings who folowed the star Sirius to find the baby Jesus. These are the 3 stars of Orion's belt which are often referred to in ancient times as "the Three Kings".

Baghdad is located at 33.3 north lattitude.

Captain Cook first set foot in Australia (New South Wale) in April 1717 at the location of Botany Bay which is 33 degrees south of the equator. An island located in  Botany Bay is called Lion Island because of its resemblance to the Sphinx, is located at 33.3 degree. (Interestingly, 1717 was also the year that the first Free Mason Lodge that was ever built which was the Grand Lodge of London.)

The numerical value of the letters in the middle row of a keyboard (asdfghjkl) total 33   

333 is attained by multiplying the primes 3 and 37 as follows: 3 X 3 X 37 = 333. If we break down the multiplication into pairs, 3 X 3 = 9, and interestingly 3 X 37 = 111. The total number of divisors into 333 are 1, 3, 9, 37, 111, 333 which total six divisors, with 6 being a multiple of 3.


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