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On the Amen page I use the term "Christianity" with its conventional (but wrong) meaning. The term Christianity properly refers to the Jews of that era. This is because the Greek root word for Christ is Christos which means" the annointed one" and the term "Christian" therefore properly refers to the Jews who presently followed or looked forward to a Christ (human leader or man-man, not a god-man) to deliver them from the Romans. Hence it is theologically and historically impossible that a Christian can be other than a Jew who follows or anticipates a Christ (any Christ or Christs) as described above. But this situation no longer exists and therefor, strictly speaking, it is impossible for anyone today to be a Christian. Those who are called Christians today are wrongfully labelled as such, and the replacement term that I use to describe them is "turn-the-other-cheekers" to distinguish them from Christians (who no longer exist).

We have been wrongfully tot that Rome persecuted the turn-the-other-cheekers but this is not true. Rome had no reason to do so, and in fact the turn-the-other-cheekers were an assett to Rome because they were willingly compliant with all Roman laws because they accepted the doctrine that they were to submit to those who have the rule over them. They even willingly payed taxes. It was rather the Jews (Christians) who were a threat to Rome, and it was them whom Rome persecuted. The idea that Rome persecuted "Christians" (those who believed in a crucified and resurrected Jesus) is completely wrong and was used to mislead us from the truth, which is that they persecuted the Jews.

Much of Christianity (and all religions) are, at one level at least, offshoots of, or in some cases perversions of, astrotheology. Here are some mp3 lectures on astrotheology by Many Hall:  1  2  3  4  5